1. Information Tools and Technology

Computer Application, Computer Organization Operating System, Word Processing, Spreadsheet Package, Presentation Package, Data Base Operations, Information Technology and Society.

2. Internet Technology and Web Design

Introduction to Internet, TCP/IP – Internet Technology and Protocol, Internet Connectivity, Internet Network Services on Internet (Definition and Functions)Electronic Mail, Current Trends on Internet ,Web Publishing and Browsing, HTML Programming Basics, Interactivity Tools, Internet Security Management Concepts, Information Privacy and Copyright Issues

Programming and Problem Solving Through ‘C’ Language

Introduction to Programming, Algorithms for Problem Solving, Introduction to ‘C’ Language, Conditional Statements and Loops, Array, Functions, Storage Classes Structures and Union, Pointers, Self Referential Structures and Linked List, File Processing.

4. Introduction to Multimedia

Introduction to Multimedia, Computer Fonts and Hypertex, Audio fundamentals and representations, Image fundamentals and representations, Video and Animation, Multimedia Authoring

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