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Advance Excel Content

Basic Features Of Excel 

Basic Command, Basic Formula Using +, -, x, %...etc.

Use & Application of Some Advance/ Command of Excel

Filter, Data validation, Conditional Formatting, Pivot table, Protection export , Import , Use of Refence, Sort , Chart, Hyperlink, Consolidate, Scenario, Goal Seek, Solver, Data , Table, Group, Sub Total, Freeze Panel.

Use & Application of Advance Formula , Function

§  Auto sum

§  Recently Used

§  Financial

§  Logical

§  Text

§  Date & Time

§  Look Up & Reference

§  Math & Trignometry

§  More Function

Page Set up & Printout.

Concept of MIS in Excel.

Spoken English

Basic Course

Theory Classes

§   Tense

§   Modals

§   Passive

§   Causative Sentences

§   Conditional Sentences

§   Many sentence structures

Speaking Program

§  Self introduction

§  Daily routine

§  Speaking about any activities which we often repeat in our life

§  First meeting conversation

§  Conversation on any topic which are part of our life

§  Speaking about any past experience

§  Vocabulary practice which are used in our daily life.

                                    Advance Course

Public speaking

§  Visualization & presentation

§  News reporting

§  Creativity on any situation

§  Role play

§  Presentation

§  Debate

§  Group discussion

§  Quarreling conversation

§  Audio and video classes

§  Common errors in grammar

Interview skills

§  Making hesitation free and confident in self introduction

§  Making an environment of interview

§  How to answer interview type questions in proper way

§  Making a proper and effective resume

§  Sitting postures and talking techniques

§  Practice on technical questions

Personality Development

§  How to sit

§  How to stand for presentation

§  How to shake hand

§  How to come over shyness

§  How to dress up

§  Making eye contact

§  Confidence build up

§  Rate of speech

§  How to get positive thoughts

§  How to make concentration