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Basic of computer -3 month (Rs.4500/-)

Fundamental of Computer

Introduction to Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Outlook


Internet Concepts

Tally.erp9 - 3 to 4 month (Rs.12000/-)

    Volume 1

Company Creation & Setting up of company & account, Configuration, Accounting    vouchers Entry(payment,receipts,contra,sales,purchase,Credit note, Debit note, Optional) inventory entry(Stock groups, Stock items categories, Go down, unit, invoicing etc…, splitting of Data into separate Companies, Multi columnar,Percentage Based Reports printing, Reports Printing Graphical analysis of Data, Statutory Compliance Capabilities Technological, Advantages of Import of Data application of Management) etc.

   Volume -2

Advance Accounting- (Bill wise details, Cost centers & cost categories, Voucher class, Multiple currencies, Budget Scenarios, Bank Reconciliation, Cheque Printing, Interest calculation), Advance inventories (Order processing, Tracking Numbers, Batch wise Detail, Additional cost Details ,Price levels, bills of material, stock valuation), Job costing, job order processing, and remote user),Online Help & Support (Accessing & using support Center) & Control (Control center, Installing & Activating Tally.ERP 9) etc


VAT (Basic concepts, creating master, Entering Transaction,VAT computation, VAT returns, E-VAT returns, VAT register) CST (Basic concepts, payment of CST report,CST reports-form of receivable report, issuable reports, cst register), TDS (Basic concepts, creating master, recording transaction, TDS reports-return, e TDS return, form 16A, 26Q, 27Q) services tax (Basic concepts, creating Master, recording Transaction), services tax report(computation , payable, input credit report, ST3 Report)etc Advantages of Import of Data application of Management) etc.


Excise for Dealers (Basic concepts, Enabling Dealer excise in tally.erp.9, creating masters, recording transactions, excise reports, Accounting for Returns of goods excise for manufactures (Basic concepts of excise duty, Configuring excise in tally.erp9 Creating masters, Recording Transactions, Excise Reports)etc.

   Volume - 5


Payroll management (Accounting for employer PF & ESI contribution, income tax), payroll reports(pay slips generation, form 16A) etc..